Course curriculum

    1. Benefits

    2. Direct Mail Overview

    3. Direct Mail Quick Reference Guide

    1. How to Get It

    2. How to Access Direct Mail and Quickly Review the Direct Mail Library

    3. Complete "Company Setup" Prior to Using Direct Mail

    4. How to Purchase Direct Mail Credits

    5. Create a Direct Mail List View to Ensure Required Fields Have Been Populated

    6. How to Add Related List Quick Links to Page Layout and Edit Link Columns

    7. Campaigns: How to Send Direct Mail to Campaign Members

    8. How to Send Direct Mail from the Lead, Opportunity or Contact List View

    9. How to Use the Mail Piece Builder

    10. Direct Mail Full Preview vs. Quick Preview

    11. Where to Access the Order Reject Reason

    12. Review the Direct Mail Orders Dashboard

    13. Considerations

    14. Direct Mail Troubleshooting

    1. Post-Install Steps: Direct Mail Cadences

    2. Understanding Built-in Direct Mail Sequences

    3. How to Create a Direct Mail Sequence

    4. How to Add a Lead to a Direct Mail Cadence

    5. Review and Update the Direct Mail Orders List View

    6. Direct Mail Sequences: Remove Deprecated Fields From the Page Layout if Needed

    7. How to Automate Direct Mail Cadence Triggers with a Flow

    1. Direct Mail Merge Field and Mail Piece Cheatsheet

    2. Adding Custom Fields for Check Letter 8A

    1. Direct Mail Marketing Workshop: Watch the replay here

    2. We Want to Hear From You About Direct Mail!

About this course

  • 28 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content