Course Curriculum

    1. Left Main Demonstration

    2. Go-Live Day Checklist and Left Main CRM Desk Reference

    3. What's Included in Left Main+?

    4. Left Main Quick Links Cheatsheet

    5. Left Main Pipeline Hack! Excel Sheet Walk Through

    6. How Does Left Main Help Real Estate Investment Teams Work Together?

    7. Harness the Power of Direct Mail with Our Add-on

    8. Streamline Project Management with Our Powerful Add-On

    9. Dominate the Real Estate Market with Our Retail App Add-on

    10. Product News

    1. Overview: Initial Account Setup

    2. Verify Your New Account

    3. How to Access the Setup Menu

    4. Your Setup Menu To-Do List

    5. Turn on Enhanced Profile User Interface and Field-Level Security for Permission Sets During Field Creation

    6. Menu Navigation and App Launcher Overview

    7. How Do I Reset My Salesforce Log In Password?

    8. Users: Permission Sets Explained

    9. How to Assign User Permission Sets

    10. Users: Add New User Licenses

    11. How to Remove Permissions for Employees to Delete Records

    12. How to Remove Transaction and Disposition Permissions from Users

    13. How to Create a User Custom Profile with Restricted Access

    14. How to Add Opportunity Team Roles

    15. How to Change the Homepage Dashboard

    16. How to Change Reset Password Policies

    17. How to Enable "Login As" Other Users

    18. What to Do if a User is Getting Locked Out on a Daily Basis

    19. How to Change the Default Lead Owner

    20. How to Mass Reassign Records + Remove User Access and Free Up a License

    21. Salesforce Mobile App: Overview

    22. Integrations Lists

    23. smrtPhone User? Here's an Overview

    24. Trailmix: Setup

    1. Overview: Data Integrity + Importing and Exporting Records

    2. What is a CRM?

    3. List Imports and Correctly Formatting Zip Codes

    4. How to Import Prospects

    5. How to Import Buyers

    6. Data Import Wizard

    7. How to Export Leads

    8. How to Export Notes

    9. How to Import Expenses WITHOUT Quickbooks Integration

    10. Additional Resource: Cleaning Data in Excel

    11. Salesforce Help Articles for Additional Learning

    12. Trailmix: Imports + Exports

    1. Overview: Mass Updates to Records

    2. How to Mass Delete Records

    3. Duplicate Rules and Records

    4. How to Add the Duplicate Checker to the Lead Page Layout

    5. Trailmix: Mass Updates to Records

    1. Einstein Activity Capture: How to Integrate Your Google or Microsoft 365 Calendars and Email

    2. How to Add a Task-Based Calendar

    3. How to Set Appointments on Calendar

    4. How to Create Recurring Calendar Events

    5. How to Add Additional Public Calendars

    1. Overview: Emails

    2. How to Connect a Google Account to Salesforce

    3. How to Set Up a Personalized Email Signature

    4. How to Edit Company Info Settings for Automated Email Templates

    5. How to Edit Org-Wide Email Template Phone Number and Logo

    6. How to Edit Email Templates

    7. How to Add Org Wide Email Address for "From User" Specific Email Alerts

    8. How to Send a List Email

    9. How to Send Emails Using the List View

    10. How to Send Mass Email Using Campaigns

    11. Merge Fields and Salesforce Classic Email Templates

    12. How to Enable Lightning Email Templates

    13. How to Access Lightning Email Templates

    14. How to Access Email Follow Up Sequences and Associated Classic Email Templates

    15. Update Chatter Email From Name and Email Address in Salesforce Lightning

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