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    1. How to Use This Course

    2. Welcome to Flows and Next Best Action

    1. Create a Sandbox

    2. Build a Record-Triggered Flow: Standardize Opportunity Naming

    3. Easily Change the Order of Record-Triggered Flows

    4. How to Create a Flow to Stop Cadences

    1. Introducing Next Best Action

    2. Next Best Action: A Comprehensive Setup Guide for Real Estate Investors

    3. Next Best Action: How to Modify Opportunity Stage Verbiage in the "NBA - Set Appointment" Flow

    4. Next Best Action: How to Edit Conditions and Filters in the Opportunity Strategy Builder

    5. Trailmix for Org Admins: Next Best Action

    1. Salesforce Examples of Advanced Formula Fields

    2. Beginner Flows by Automation Champion

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